Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hi Dinosaur.

Blogging is no longer a norm for me, atleast not for me these past few years. It seems that this also applies to people around me . Nowadays people pretty much spent their times wiping their phone screen up and down scrolling Facebook, Instagram, sharing Twitter status or hanging it up at someplace watching videos, movies etc. Blogging are for dinosaurs. So, hi dinosaur (again).

Regardless, as I was scrolling through Linked-In timeline yesterday (theres restricted access to facebook in my training place, thats why), I ran into an article where the author somehow managed to willingly forced me to write this post (thanks Adlin). If you guys are interested with it you can read the article here. That was kinda an eye opening, and I strongly believe that you guys should also write your own blog as it will instill new habit and change your life indirectly in lots of way. Hey it is not taking that much of your time though.

So, wish me luck guys.

p/s All of the previous post has been removed elsewhere. Just realized how immatured a 16 yo me ahaha. So if you really wanna see it you can personally request to have the access from me (you can try).

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