Thursday, February 23, 2017

I am a dinosaur.

This is a story of one of the funniest interview that I have went.

Just before the end of my intern last October, there was this graduate employability program organised by TalentCorp that I shouldnt have went since my current intern place has offered me a quite promising job. But since I already signed up, it feels a little bad of not going there. In the end, the main reason of going there is just to meet new people. 

The camp was very promising though. On the first, they taught us the proper way to be a human that can actually write an acceptable resume. The do's and dont's for the resume. For the second day, on how to ace the interview. They cover on lots of stuff: what to wear, having the confidence on what to say and everything. The good stuff of the camp was on the last day of the camp. TalentCorp has invited more than 10 company that is going to hire us. (oh it was very frustrating to see none of my UKM friends attending this program).

To be frank it was entertaining as well as nicely convenient since they provide us with accommodation and food (free food is always nice, right?). The reason of going there fulfilled, met lotsa new interesting people. There is this one guy if I correctly recall, Danial, he was one of the trainer of Englishjer (I bet you guys also never heard of it). It is an organisation that teach underprivilege or basically anyone that want to improve their english, for free! No lie its free. At first it was kinda amusing to see a malay that speaks a perfect english (atleast it is for me).

Getting back to the dinosaur, the story happens on the third day.

Early in the morning, the participating company is starting to set up their place to do interview and stuff. Hey this banner is totally eye-catching (picture up here). Why is it keeping the dinosaurs alive? So the question started being asked to the people around me about that company since they all made somewhat a research to all the company on day 2 (where I skipped it because, you know, because I can ahaha). No dice they also didnt know about why is it dinasour.

Around 10 o'clock,  we all can start go the booth that has been set up for the interview for each of the company. I guess you guys knew which company that I went first.

Walk towards the dinosaur booth, pull the chair outwards, gave them my charming smile and bid politely towards the interviewer (3 of them).

sayasukaitik : Can I sit? (hey I learned this in the camp)
interviewer : Yes, please.

Then I put up my straight face, without any further thinking, I asked them.

Why is it keeping the dinosaur alive eh?

They laughed. I laughed. Then I come to a realization that all the chance to work with the company is lost since its pretty obvious that no research has been done by me about the company. 

The interview was proceeded by them telling me why is it keeping the dinosaur alive. The dinosaur represent the programming language that they main inside their company. It is very ancient (1954), using these black and white screens and utterly dull in every aspect. We had a nice chat after that and got some useful insight about the company. Oh, also, they told me that their expected starting salary is around 3k (wow). This interview was not like those serious mock interview or anything similar, it seems just like a normal daily chat. It was also my first time talking to Filipinos in real life (usually just met them in Dota games).

Actually I was pretty interested with programming job since it was my strongest core during my degree years, and getting a job in an IT company would be quite cool though. But yeah, I busted the interview already.

The other interview was merely mediocre. nothing special about them and no hopes has been placed too high of getting hired by any of them. After all the interview end, I bid farewell to all my newly met friends and the day after that continue the menial intern job at my current company. 

 Few month passed and guess what, I am now a part of the dinosaur company. Kudos to dinosaur!

and also to ducks.

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